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Come and learn the sacred art of Thai Yoga Massage (see video below)! 

This beginners' course is held In Bushey,near Watford Herts.

If you have a passion for the healing arts this course is for you.

A fully accredited 4-day course, held over 2 weekends:

Places Limited. 


Thai Yoga Massage Beginner's Course with Yoga Instructors from Hotpod studios, London.


We Offer The Following Courses

Gladwell School of Massage offers a range of courses: residential and non-residential, beginners, advanced, and immersion days. Scroll down to see what we offer. Please register your interest as these courses are run on a case-by-case basis.


Thai Yoga Massage

Receiving a good Thai is an unforgettable experience. Done fully clothed, on a futon or yoga mat. It incorporates stretches alongside massage techniques, such as trigger point work, rocking, myofascial release and acupressure points.

We offer Immersion Days for £100, Beginners' Courses for £400, and Advanced Courses for £600 tuition.


The Gladwell Technique

A fusion of many techniques from different modalities, mixed in with many of our own moves, proven time and again to have consistent results. Daniel has developed The Gladwell Technique over 20 years as a Massage Therapist.

This course is usually taught over 4 days and costs £400.

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Chair Massage

Learn the best techniques of Chair Massage, many of which are our own.

Chair massage is done fully clothed and not much space is needed. It is ideal for shows and outdoor events. If done properly, it is as good as a table massage.

Typically a 2 day course for £200.


Postural Assessment and Muscle Testing

Proper assessment of the body is essential in finding out what to focus on in your treatments. You will learn how to teach individuals self-help exercises that they can do for themselves in order to to achieve a permanent solution to their pains.

2 days, £200.

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Treatment of various conditions & therapeutic aspects of massage

Only for therapists. Learn cutting edge protocols for dealing with common conditions. If you master these techniques, people will seek you out to resolve their intractable pains because they are so effective.

You can either learn them as individual modules* (2 days for £200) or take the whole therapeutic course (12 days for £1000)

10 am - 5 pm, 2 days each month

*Back pain protocol, Shoulder and Neck, Hip and Pelvis, Forearm and Wrist, Leg/Knee/Foot, Temporomandibular joint, Stress and chronic pain.

They are both experienced practitioners and passionate teachers... the sequence they taught is simple, easy to give and surprisingly effective... Highly recommended!
— Despina Psarra, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher and Graduate of Thai Yoga Massage for Beginners